Q. What is a "Vector

A Vector based EPS image/illustration is created in high-end drawing software packages such as Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand (now obsolete), and are an industry standard within the graphic design sector.

All professionally designed logos should be initially created in this way. They can be rasterised and saved from this original as a pixellated file to suit onscreen/internet usage, such as Jpeg, GIF or PNG formats.

Vector based files usually feature the file extensions .EPS, .AI .CDR and .SWF (used in Flash animations).


What are Vector Based Graphics?

Vector based graphics are mathematically created illustrations based on vector paths rather than blocks of coloured pixels as bitmap files. They remain infinitely scalable and editable without loss of visible image quality, allowing designers unlimited freedom when it comes to logo design and illustration. And, because they are based on mathematical equations they produce small file sizes in comparsion with bitmap or pixel based files.