A Programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that enable a programmer to include multimedia effects and increased interactivity within web pages.

JavaScript should not be confused with Java. Though this programming language is similar in some ways to Java the difference is that JavaScript is actually incorporated into the webpage itself, enabling a wide range of different effects to take place. JavaScript is ubiquitous throughout the World Wide Web, but its use can have security implications.

Job Definition Format. This is a type of computer language which automates workflows from desk top to final print production.

The Joint Photographic Experts Group is a set of algorithms and toolkits that allow the encoding of image data to a physically smaller file size. What many people call the JPEG file format, is actually called JFIF or the JPEG File Interchange Format. The JFIF or JPEG file format is platform independent so it can be used on PCs, Macs and Unix workstations. The format is very popular in web content, exchanging images via e-mail or news, and for proofing artwork.


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