In Web page development, an imagemap is a graphic image that is defined so a user can click on different areas of the image and be linked to different destinations. You make an imagemap by defining each of the sensitive areas in terms of their X and Y co-ordinates. With each set of co-ordinates, you specify a URL or Web address that will be linked to when the user clicks on that area. Imagemaps are used widely on many web sites as a more adventuresome form of main menu.

Plans for the arrangement of the pages of a job so that they will follow in the correct sequence when folded.

Leaflet or other printed material inserted loose in a publication or mailing package.

The standard range of metric paper sizes as per the definition of the paper International Standards Organisation (ISO) and British Standards Institute.

The word Internet (with a capital I) refers to the vast collection of networks all interconnected using the TCP/IP protocol. Should not be confused with an Intranet which is two or more networks connected together.
The Internet is essentially a collection of linked networks in which users at any one computer can, if they have permission, get information from any other computer. It was conceived by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the U.S. government in 1969 and was first known as the ARPANet. The original aim was to create a network that would allow users of a research computer at one university to be able to ‘talk to’ research computers at other universities. A side benefit of ARPANet’s design was that, because messages could be routed or re-routed in more than one direction, the network could continue to function even if parts of it were destroyed in the event of a military attack or other disaster.
Around the mid 90's the Internet became a public, co-operative, and self-sustaining facility accessible to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

A software routine that uses 'intelligence' to do an assigned task. For example, searching through the web for pages that match your personal tastes.

A (usually) private network, which is only accessible by authorised users. For example, a company could connect its Bristol, London and Birmingham offices with its own intranet. IRC Internet Relay Chat. A multi-user chat system. This is a feature of the Net, which allows you to hold 'live' text conversations with other people on the same channel.

The use of infra-red radiation to quickly dry a water based emulsion coating on a sheet of paper.

Integrated Services Digital Network. Although very rare now, this is a digital alternative to current analogue phone lines. ISDN modems were often found as cards to slot into a computer that acted at the intermediary between a local network and the ISDN line. To get speeds that resemble only a fraction of that available via ADSL today, multiple ISDN lines had to be ganged together.

Internet Service Provider. A company which sells connections to the Net. Compare with online service providers (OSP's) which provide an Internet connection in addition to their own exclusive members-only services such as chat forums, news services, and other assorted information.


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