Hardware is the physical technology associated with the Internet and computers in general. This can refer to a floppy disc, your monitor, your keyboard, your mouse, and everything inside your computer. It does not refer to the information on your computer which makes it run.

Hits are the amount of requests that are made to your server for information. This is often used as a very general indication of how busy the server has been("Our server has been getting 300,000 hits per month"). Since a hit can include anything from the request for a tiny text document through to a huge audio file this way of measuring the load can easily be inaccurate.

The original meaning of homepage refers to the webpage your browser opens when it starts up, or when you hit the "home" button most browsers have in their control panel, Nowadays the term commonly refers to the main webpage for a business, organisation person or simply the main webpage in a collection of webpages.

A host is a computer on the Net which allows other computers to connect with it. This could be for a number of different reasons including downloading, playing games or chatting.

Hypertext Markup Language. The universal language of the web in which all pages are written. Official versions of HTML are defined by the W3 consortium, which is at http://www.w3.org. HTTP Hypertext Markup Transfer protocol. This is the protocol that is used to carry traffic between a web browser's computer and the web site.


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