Paper sizes used for envelopes, designed to take A size paper.

A hardback book made with a stiff outer cover. Case bound books are usually covered with cloth, vinyl or leather.

Compact Disc used for storing data.

Chatting with someone is the act of talking to them over the Internet, whether this is one-to-one or many-to-many.

Channels refer to websites or other technologies that facilitate the transfer of information. In IRC, for example, channels are virtual rooms or chambers where people communicate with each other.

A program which connects to and interacts with another computer resource (called a server program) or the computer which runs this program. On the Internet this includes browsers and other programs which interact with Internet resources, such as a website or Gopher site.

Letters which stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. K (Key Colour) is used for black to eliminate confusion with blue, had the letter B been used instead. Full colour printed images are made up of these component colours.

Colour originals must be “separated” so that the effect of full colour can be achieved by printing in only four colours. This is done by breaking down the original into three colours magenta, cyan and yellow, to which black is added to give finer detail and add density to dark areas. Known as “4-colour process”, this operation results in four pieces of film and or plates. It is possible to reproduce most colours from combinations of two or more of these four colours. For example, a purple is produced by mixing a percentage of magenta with a percentage of cyan, the proportions vary according to the particular shade required. However, certain colours are impossible to produce accurately using 4-colour process. “White” light is a combination of all the colours of the spectrum. These can be broken down into three “primary” colours - red, green and blue (RGB). Since these three colours when added together make white light, they are known as the “additive” primaries. When one is taken away, the other two combined make a different colour. Red and blue produce magenta, while green and blue give cyan. Magenta, cyan and yellow are “subtractive” primaries or “secondary” colours.

A special water based coating which is applied to printed matter to protect literature from ink smudging or finger marking or to enhance appearance. The main types are sealer, gloss, matt and silk. Coatings are commonly used on matt or silk coated paper as these types are more prone to smudging than gloss coated paper. The main difference between a varnish and a coating is that coatings are faster drying and therefore jobs can be turned around quicker. They tend to be more scuff resistant than varnishes and there is also less risk of yellowing paper. However, oil based varnishes are better if specific areas of a document need to be coated.

Arranging of printed sheets into the desired sequence.

Process by which an image is separated into the four colours for print production.

Data that a web server gives to a browser the first time the user visits the site. This is then updated with each return visit. The server saves the information the cookie contains about the user. The user's browser does the same-as a text file stored in the Netscape or Explorer system folder. Cookies store information such as username and password and what parts of the site were visited. This information can be updated with each visit.

Making a file smaller so that it takes up less storage space or becomes easier to use CU-SeeMe Cu-SeeMe is a cheap product for Internet video-conferencing. Each user installs the CU-SeeMe software, allowing them to have person-to-person of group discussions. Users with a small-attached video camera (optional) can transmit their picture to other uses in a conference.

The process of producing printer's plates directly from the computer (CTP) with no films involved.

When the middle pages of a folded section extend slightly beyond the outside pages.

Printed lines on the edge of paper indicating where the paper should be cut to produce the correct page size. These will be set up as Registered Colour.


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