Q. Communique have updated your

There are four possibilities, in order of likelihood:

  1. Your browsers cache memory is still holding the old page current, so you will need to refresh this by:
    Holding down your "alt" key and clicking your browsers "refresh" button. If this doesn't work please speak to your internal IT department to determine whether or not your company server is set to cache frequently visited sites, and they will deal with this for you. If this hasn't resolved the problem then...
  2. The site is being held in cache on a server somewhere on it's way to your computer. This will usually correct itself in a short period of time, probably within 1 or 2 hours at the most.
  3. The files haven't uploaded properly.
  4. We have accidentally missed the amend(s) on that page(s), sorry! Call us (01482) 863635 and we'll sort it out asap.