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From Powerpoint, to a DVD or Online Movie... we design and produce attention grabbing multi-functional presentations to remember! To view an example movie please click the image above.


We believe the only way

For this reason our approach to client relationships follows a simple structure. Firstly, we aim to fully understand your business, industry and markets. By working closely with you, in a full and open partnership to maximise profitability and returns toward the achievement of pre-determined goals.

It is in this way that we have built an enviable reputation for client success in service industries such as, education, retail, manufacturing, construction, leisure and business to business solutions.

Our technique for dealing with a client brief is illustrated by the following:


Understand what we (ourselves and the client) are trying to achieve, the market we are addressing and the customers we are targeting. Until we have “identified” we cannot proceed to the innovation stage.


Take all our market and customer knowledge and use it to put together an imaginative and inventive strategy to achieve the client’s objectives.


Once we have the strategy, we need to develop the creative solutions by working closely with the client to arouse, enthral, excite and stimulate customers.


Combine the innovative strategy and inspirational creativity to impress and influence the client’s customers to buy their product or service. Once we have completed this process, the results can be measured against the objectives. In this way the value of Communique’s involvement with a client can be calculated.


Communique has  a number of

For back end systems and database integration, we use external teams. We have a track record of successful e-projects with a number of developers and their personnel joining our in-house project teams where necessary. We have dedicated servers maintained 24/7 for us by a third party. This means we can offer full internet hosting and email services.

We have a number of key partners in areas such as photography, video production, exhibition build and telemarketing. In addition, our regular suppliers, e.g. printers, are also central to our supply chain network. Each is checked for quality, service and value before going on to our approved partners/suppliers list.

Communique have a number of partnerships with other design companies who offer specialised services such as illustration. Some of these partners can also assist us during periods of heavy workload, allowing us to satisfy client deadlines.


A dedicated Account Manager and team will be appointed to your account. Individuals with more specialised skills will be drafted in to the core team as and when required. These can be internal staff or external consultants depending on the nature of the work.

The Account Manager will attend and record all client meetings. After each meeting a Contact Report will be updated and circulated to the client and members of the Communique team. This will list all elements of any projects worked on with responsibilities etc. Separate timetables for individual projects will be produced with key milestones, target dates, responsibilities, fall-back plans etc. Once again these will be discussed at each client meeting and updated accordingly. Finally all work will be quoted in detail so that a specification for each job, with parameters, can be drawn up. This ensures no confusion or surprises on cost.

Communication electronically is the norm, i.e. email with hard copy follow up. Initial reports or visuals are always presented on a face-to-face basis as are major developments of these . Routine developments are emailed with hard copy follow up. Video conferencing with all team members present is available.

What we do...

Since 1998 we have been

We are a full service Integrated Design and Marketing Company who are based within Beverley, East Yorshire. Our services include the following:

Creative graphic design is central to all we do. Our experience in all areas of communication means we have produced effective concepts and executions for many clients and industries. Our creative process covers our full range of services, from brand creation and management, starting with the logo design and corporate identity, brochures, vehicle liveries, signage to web design and e-marketing, advertising, product visualisation, on-screen presentations and video production. We provide copywriting, creative photography, artwork, printing and a delivery service.

Whether you want to sit down and discuss how a promotional strategy fits into your existing marketing plan or you want to draw up a strategy from scratch, we can help. Our marketing services include, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plans, Market Research, Product Planning & Selection, New Product Development and Customer Relationship Management.

In today's ever increasing online world, we don't need to tell you how important a companies web presence is. And it's not just the design, build and optimisation of a website that is important, but the marketing and promotional strategy. After all how will anyone find your website if you don't tell them about it?

We're here to offer clients the full service, from Hosting and URL purchase to Website Design and Development, including Redevelopment and Site Maintenance. We can also provide you with bespoke elements for Financial & Database Integration, along with eCommerce and Intranet Development. We have several ways to make your web presence felt. Firstly we can provide robust SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website, along with Google AdWords campaigns that will drive the right type of customer traffic to your site. Utilise this with one of our e-Marketing or Email Marketing campaigns and you're on the right track to boost your sales.

We also design and build mobile websites for viewing via smart phones. This involves designing a specific mobile website with inbuilt handset detection and redirection for smart phone users.

Have you started to see those strange little black and white bars codes everywhere yet? Well they are called QR codes, short for Quick Response Codes. These are designed to be scanned/photographed by smart phone users via an app using the phone's camera. When scanned they can be programmed to take the phone user to a specific website page, a video, provide vCard details direct to the phone or show a bespoke SMS message amongst other things. We design and integrate QR Codes for our clients, these get used within advertising, brochures, posters and even on screen. They allow a mobile user to get often complex information by choice, directly, and with the minimum of effort.

Professional photography can turn a great design into a truly outstanding one. The combination of design, marketing and photography can take your product or service to a totally new level, leaving the competition looking decidedly weak. We work closely with the best photographers, providing photographic shoot lists, art direction and the organisiation required to get the perfect balance of creativity and impact for your product or services.

Presentations are match winners, whether it's a must win contract or assisting your sales team's effectiveness . These really help separate you from your competitors... when standing out and being remembered is a must. We can plan, copywrite and design your perfect presentation and its packaging. There are several types of delivery method depending on how your final presentation is to be viewed, choose from Powerpoint, Keynote, DVD or Online Movie, the choice is yours.

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For clients who spend money above-the-line we can offer a full in-house media buying, creative execution and delivery service. Our advertising service includes Media Planning, Media Consultancy and Media Buying, Production and Delivery.

Whatever your event(s), private or public, we have extensive in-house experience of Event Management and Exhibition stand building. We can handle the whole project from booking to on-the-day staffing. Or you may want us to handle just one part of it e.g. stand building. Events can be small one-off affairs or major roadshows and venues. We provide exhibition services in the UK and overseas working with clients own teams or handing over completed, finished exhibition stands.

Our Public Relations service is offered to clients as part of our overall package. We have a tremendous track record of success and work with all the regional and national media. If we do not already have the necessary contacts we have extensive databases of publications and names of editorial staff. We also have a network of local photographers across the UK who can attend events etc

There are a number of services we offer that do not fall into the other categories. For instance, Sales Promotions, we can source and put together premiums, incentive packages and promotions to complement other initiatives in a marketing strategy. We also offer Enquiry Handling and fulfilment. Whether you need telephone follow-up, campaign handling or literature distribution, we can assist you. Services are provided internally or with our partner suppliers, allowing us to manage your total campaign.

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